Saturday, September 12, 2009

Changes on the Horizon

I'm guessing anyone who used to read my blog has probably given up on me ever updating it again on a regular basis! Sorry! I can't hardly believe I used to write almost once a week. Goodness that was so long ago. Well I finally got a good video of Allison doing all her tricks and we are closing on our house in 2 days so I thought I should write a little something. Yes I did just say in 2 days we are going to be home owners!! In my last post I was writing about what a disaster our house search was, and here we are just over a month later and we are about to get the keys to our new house!!

The whole process has been totally God and even today I recieved some more news that further confirmed this being our house and it being what God has for us. We have prayed through out the whole thing that God would show us if this wasn't supposed to be our house. Even though we absolutely love it and think it's perfect, we were open. So here is a little synopsis of our process.

After waiting on God and being obediant with our finances we finally felt the ok to go out and look again. We went to 5 or 6 houses in Lewisville. The last one was one we skipped over the first time because it was too wierd and was a burn out. We didn't really know what that meant and when we drove by the house we said absolutely not! It was peach first of all, and such a wierd layout that we didn't even want to consider it. (God has such a good sense of humor!) Well after looking online the more we saw the inside of the house the more interested we became. So we decided to go look. It was perfect! At the end of the day it was the only house we were interested in, and it was exactly what we were hoping for price wise.

Well we had both sets of parents out to the house to check it out and they said it looked good so we put in an offer. Later the next evening we came to an agreement and so began the paperwork. We had the inspection and the guy suggested having the foundation looked at. When we had a foundation company out they said it needed lots of work. We though for sure this was going to be the end but the seller agreed to fix it all!! He also agreed to everything we asked as far as repairs go.

See the house got struck by lightening 2 years ago and this guy bought it and totally re-did everything. He finished in March of this year and it had been on the market since then. Mom asked why I thought no one had snatched it up and said very simply that God was saving it for us.

So here we are just a few short weeks later and the house is really about to be ours! There were actually some delays because we held off on the apraisal in case the seller didn't want to fix the foundation so I didn't think there was any way we were going to keep our original closing date. But when God does something he does it big, so not only are we keeping our original closeing date, but we got the final numbers for our mortgage payment today. Now let me explain the difference between where we are living and where we are about to move to. The house we are currently in is 1400 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, old, needs lots of repairs and updates. It served us for a time but at this point the only thing we like is it is a roof over our heads and it is close to my parents. (we will miss that!) However, our new house- brand new on the inside, 2200 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, and just plain beautiful!! The downstairs is all tile which will be wonderful for dog and kid accidents. (we have had plenty of those!) So with all that being said get this-our payments will be $25 more a month!!! YEA!! (our original numbers were not this low!) It's all been so easy and so God that we are just amazed at how good he is.

So with that here are a few photos of the house:

The formal living, just to the left when you walk in the front doors
The master sinks

The kitchen looking into the formal dining and formal living

The beautiful real wood staircase (the floor is really wood as is the upstairs hallway)

And here is the video of the not so baby Allison

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