Tuesday, April 28, 2009

11 Months

She now weighs 21 lbs 8 ounces and is 29 inches long! She FINALLY has tooth #3! At the Dr. yesterday they pricked her finger and took her blood. I was ready for a crazy ordeal but when the lady pricked her, Allison just gave her this crazy look like, "What did you do that for?" No crying, not even a peep! Then she watched intently as the lady took the blood. She did pull her finger away once or twice but only because she doesn't like people holding her finger. It made me laugh how amazing she was. (now the shots were not such an easy thing, she did scream bloody murder!)

She has decided she no longer likes baby food and loves anything she can feed herself. So far she likes pretty much everything we have given her. I'm in the process of figuring out what we are going to do for her 1st birthday. I have 1/2 of her outfit but I am still looking for the other part. I'm not planning a big party, just a fun get together for our little princess. More pictures to come!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This and That

We don't let her go out in public like this...... We are so going to have matching purple outfits someday! I thought since it was 90 degrees she could wear a skirt!
She loves this shampoo bottle! She runs for it every time the bathroom door is open.

Well folks it's been awhile as you can tell. Things have been crazy busy here at the farm! Besides our little weed who learns new things every week I have been busy running a Calculus review, hosting a jewelry party, going to the lake, going to wedding showers, going to baby showers, and somehow trying to keep the house in order. It's been a busy few weeks and the next month and a half doesn't look any less busy! I am the Senior Class sponsor so I have Powder Puff, Sr. Dinner, Sr. Picnic, and Graduation all on my plate. Not to mention our State test is next week for the kids. And my brother is getting married in about 6 weeks! Oh and our little baby girl turns one year old! Holy hannah how did that happen??!!! I can still remember so many things about her birth like it was yesterday. (although some things, like the pain, have been erased from my memory, thank The Lord!)
So to give you a quick update, Allison still only has 2 teeth! But we think there are at least 4 working on the top and should be through soon. (hopefully!) She has been clingy and chewing on her fingers non stop! But we do have the best teether in that she doesn't drool and no other real symptoms. I'm praying lightening strikes twice (or as many kids as we end up having!) and the others turn out like her. (not that there are any yet!) She has been so easy!

She is now running around everywhere and today for the first time Jason and I saw her get up with no help from anything else. She usually crawls over to a table or stationary object to pull up, but she finally did it on her own today! She is catching on slowly to the baby sign language and does "all done," and "more." Although today she said both more and all done when she was finished eating, so we will keep working on that! :) She says a version of "Uh Oh" that you will see momentarily, she blows kisses, waves Hi and Bye, shrieks at any dog she sees and points to it, and she has finally started saying "Mama." The little stinker said it about once a week before and every time I would try and get her to say it she would laugh at me and say "Dada." It was a joke for a while because it sounded so deliberate. But she is finally coming around.

She still loves her little tykes car and is constantly getting in and out of it, honking the horn and just sitting there. She hasn't figured out the moving part of it yet. She makes out with the dogs on a regular basis so I'm sure her immune system is the best around. She did get a little touch of a cold a few weeks ago, but nothing major so we have been blessed in that area too!

Her eating has changed and in the last week she has decided she doesn't care for baby food anymore. It is cheaper not having to buy it, but involves a lot more thought in making sure she can eat what we are having or trying to figure out what else to feed her. We have started phasing in milk for her bottles so I hope that continues to go well.

Elmo is still one of her favorites and I am planning on getting her an Elmo Live for her birthday. (I got it 1/2 off at Target!!) Ok, well I'll leave you with some videos and a few shots of our princess.

We have fun with our baby :)
She says "Uh oh" a few times here the first time is right after Jason says it. And she blows a kiss! :)

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