Saturday, January 31, 2009

8 months and dancing!

Allison is such a hoot! She is 8 months old and has just started dancing and waving. I haven't gotten a video of the waving yet, but I will. I would call it more of a flapping, but she does it when we wave at her. It's so cute! Here she is dancing, we play music all the time now just so we can watch her!

We took her to get her 2nd round of shots at the beginning of this month (my insurance switched over and she is now covered with her Pediatrician, yea!) Anyway I thought it might be really hard because she is so much more aware now. But she was a champ and stopped crying before we even left the exam room. Her one leg was a little stiff the next day, but that was it. We will go every 6 weeks for a couple months but by 2 years she will have gotten all of her shots.
She has been practicing standing on her own lately. She will be by the couch or by the coffee table and she will have something in her hands and sometimes she will stand on her own. Other times she doesn't have anything in her hands and it looks like she is practicing standing on her own. It's amazing to watch. She almost took a step today. She was standing holding on to Jason's pant leg and P.J. (our dog) was just out of her reach. She wanted to touch her so bad and you could see the wheels turning in her brain. She was inching out further and further and let go for just a second, but then she wasn't able to keep her balance.

The other thing she is doing is getting down from "high" places by herself. I was convinced it was just an accident, but the more she does it the more I'm convinced she is a genious. She will be on our couch and she will climb out of mine or Jason's lap and she will get on her belly and slide down the couch feet first! She did it today in the rocking chair when we were done taking pictures, it was incredible! It amazes me everytime she does it! (i'll try and tape it so you can be amazed too!)

Here's some recent pics:

She loves to play with magazines and the newspaper, can you tell?
Here's the story on this one. Allison was playing with something on the floor a few nights ago and I asked Jason to find out what it was. He picked it up and it was a lizard tail! We both kinda laughed and were grossed out at the same time. Well this afternoon I found the lizard that the tail belonged to. It looks really small in the picture but it was actually about 3 inches long (without it's tail) I tried to guide it outside but the dumb dog scared it back inside. So it's somewhere in our house again. I just hope it finds it's way out before the dogs find it.

And one last video for Mamaw Jacobs. She bought Allison a Bunny when she was here and Allison adores it. She gets a big smile on her face anytime it plays.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Here's what's been happening round here :)
Allison got her 2nd round of shots (we are doing an alternative schedule) and she did great. I think she did better this time than last! Anyway, she is 18lbs and 27.5 inches. (the Dr. forgot to tell us where that puts her on "the chart.") It's almost time for her 8 month picture, but here is her 7 month.And she is now talented enough to decide when she is done!I bought her this chair, it's so freakin cute!

She finally has real hair!!! (you can see it better when it's wet)


And here she is playing with her Christmas toy:

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