Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Early Christmas

We opened presents with the Butterbaugh's this last Sunday night and Allison was such a hoot! I'm working on trying to figure out a different way to post videos. It takes forever through blogger, so I'm doing a little research on the subject. She had the present idea down after the first one. She would come over to me and get a present then go in the middle of the room and open it, then play intensely with it. ADORABLE!

Her vocabulary has started to really take off. Some words are totally off the wall, for example "ouf" means flower. But most of the other ones are pretty close. It is so much fun!

We leave for Michigan and Illinois on Friday. This is Allison's first 20 hour car ride, so it should be interesting. Grammy has a bunch of toys that she has never seen before and we are planning on moving Allison between cars. I'm excited for her to play in the snow, although part of me expects her to feel it and go back inside. But it's 2 full weeks with Jason and Allison and I can't wait.

Baby Boy Jacobs is growing wonderfully. I'm 21 weeks and my belly is huge! We have been slacking off on the belly pictures this time around, but I can post the sonogram pictures. Enjoy!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Well I changed my background but forgot to change the font color if anyone tried to read it over the last 24 hours. But it's fixed now and I'm working on uploading some videos!! (I tried last night but no success)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Videos, Pictures, and new words

Allison continues to amaze me. Tonight she said Baby Bop and Elmo. Well, her version of those words anyway. And my mom said she said Zoboomafoo today also. What a ham!! Here are some more recent pictures and 2 videos.

Just playing with her toys
She has not been a big fan of her highchair lately. Looks like we need to get a booster seat!

YUM! Ketchup!
Watching Barney with Grandpa at the cabin

She loves to play in the dog crates, we didn't set this up, she did!

Wow, so those videos literally took hours to post. Good Grief!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Lest 2 months goes by....

Oh dear me, where does the time go??!! I suppose when you are moving, growing a baby, taking trips, and keeping track of a toddler it just goes!

Our house is fabulous, still nothing hung on the walls, but we are settling in quite nicely. We love the room and the dogs are enjoying it as well. (although they still haven't gotten the hang of the tile floors quite yet and sometimes look like scooby doo trying to chase each other)

Allison is growing leaps and bounds every day. Her vocabulary started taking off a few weeks ago and every few days adds a new word to her repitoire. She is starting to appreciate the value of a hat, and even leaves her hair bows in for a few hours at a time. She is still a great sleeper and is more flexible than we could ever ask for. She is absolutely IN LOVE with Christmas lights and asks for, "Mo, mo" as soon as we pass a house that has them. She can't get enough! The, "OOHHH, and WOW!" that is emitted from her sweet little mouth is so adorable it makes me want to just drive around for hours so I can hear it again!

My belly has grown exponentially in the last month. I wore a sweater last week that I have a picture in when I was pregnant with Allison around this same time 2 years ago, no comparison! I'm at least 3 times bigger currently. It was so nice of Allison to stretch out my body so it expands this time with no problem. It reminds me of a balloon, after you blow it up once the next time isn't nearly as difficult. Oh the joys of pregnancy. (and I love ever minute of it! well almost)

Our last little tid bit of news if you hadn't already heard was Friday was our sonogram and we found out our new little peanut is a HE peanut! Allison is going to have a little brother!! We are so very excited (and I told my mom this means I get to go shopping again! :) ) and Allison still doesn't have any idea what is coming down the pipe! But I know she will be mommy's big helper and she will give her brother a run for the money. i.e. Yesterday I had to stop Allison because she was head butting the dogs. sigh, what a bruiser!

Ok, well here's a few pictures to tide you over for now.

Here she is wearing a shirt of mine, she insisted! Pulling the wagon in the backyard
Daddy and Allison waiting in line to ride the Merry Go Round at the State Fair

Her usual 2


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