Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas time photos

Well here are some photos from our break:

Great Granny, Allison and Papaw

This was our ride to look at Christmas Lights

Here we are inside (there were 19 people total)
I love this picture

Allison and her Mamaw

Here's the tree all decorated. Allison hasn't even noticed it

Here is Allison in her brand new wagon from her Mamaw and Papaw And her new walker

See the star?

Finally the ever popular lemon. Oh come on, you know you did it to your kids too!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stay tuned......

We are all alive and well here in the great state of Texas. We stayed here this year, a first for the Jacobs family. We decided with Allison being only 7 months none of us would have a good time on the 18-23 hour car ride. No thank you! So, Jason's parents came here this year and we spent Christmas with his family. His mom took tons of pictures and as soon as I can get my hands on her memory card I'll post em! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekly Happenings and catching up

Here's the 55 lb catfish they caught over Thanksgiving

Sometimes she gets stuck under Grammy's coffee table

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving

We were at a school Basketball game

Here's a picture of our massive tree in all it's glory!

We got Allison's picture taken today and will post them as soon as we get them! She did wonderfully! It was hard to pick which ones because they were all so cute. We brought Jason's Charlie Brown tree along and those pictures are adorable too. I can't wait to get them back!

Here favorite game:

It was 70 degrees today after a wonderful week of "cold." (I think it was down in the 40s and 50s) However, the high tomorrow is in the 30s. YEA!! Bring it on! We even had some snow last week. None of it stuck, but it was fun to see.

Jonathan played in the Tuba Christmas and we went to watch. Allison also enjoyed her "Biter Bicuits" can you tell?

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Christmas time!

Well the tree is up and decorated (It only took a week to decorate it!) and it's 70 degrees outside. Feels like Christmas to me! (and it was in the 40s Saturday night at the Christmas Parade, typical Texas weather!) I only have 2 more weeks of school and since we aren't traveling (we will miss seeing all you Family up north!!) I am looking forward to some relaxing time over my break. Jason's family is coming down here and we will have some get togethers with them. I would really like to get some crafting done, but we'll see how that goes!
On other fronts Benjamin found out today he has Mono! He has been sick for over a week and Saturday he finally went to the Dr. they said he had strep and gave him a shot. Well today he was still running fever and his tonsils were REALLY swollen. So he went back to the Dr. today and it is mono. So any prayers for him would be appreciated.

Here's some pictures from the past week:
Her newest trick, we can hardly keep them out of her mouth now!

At a Christmas party

Her absolute favorite, (next to being naked that is) magazines and newspapers taste so good!

Cutie tootie!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

6 Months

Well she is officially 1/2 a year old! She is an expert crawler, she pulls up on everything, and she is about to say her first words! Here are some pictures, and I have also gone back and posted quite a few pictures from the last 3 posts, and a video. Enjoy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bed and Breakfast/ 5 year Anniversary!

November 7th marked Jason and My 5th Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated by leaving Allison with Grammy and going to a Bed and Breakfast in McKinney. (far enough to be away but not too far that we spent the whole time in the car) It was a huge cool house that I didn't take enough pictures of, I never do, but here is our room. We ate at a Hibachi place and had a lot of fun. I had my first drink in over a year, although I only finished about 1/2 of it! I was getting spacy and Jason was laughing at me. Then on the way home I was singing to all the songs on the radio, not normal behavior for me! The room was great except it has the original windows (it's a very old house) and both walls are completely covered in windows so it was freezing! We did have a delicious breakfast the next morning. Then we went over to the third Monday trade days before we headed home. The only thing I ended up buying was lots of bows for Allison. But I got some really cute ones and I think they will last for a while.


Pics of Allison eating Zwieback Toast for the first time

Ready to go to Grammy's in the morning

The Friday before Thanksgiving was such a great day. I got to go to Happy Hour with my mommy friend Alissa (both of our first HH since becoming mommies) and then I got to go home and look forward to the next 9 days with my baby! We had a pretty busy weekend and on Monday we got to hang with Alissa and her baby for a while. Allison got to eat in a real highchair at a restaurant and she did great. I also started buying her the level 2 food. I was getting sick of feeding her the same 5 things! (I'm sure she didn't care) Then on Tuesday Allison and I went to Dallas to pick up Alyssa and then we all left that night for the cabin. We were there until Saturday night. Benjamin and his new fiance Melissa came up Thursday night until Saturday morning so it was a full house all week. (Our 2 big dogs and my parents little dog also added to the chaos) It was a nice week spent eating, sleeping, reading, and fishing. Well, let me qualify that. Technically I don't think it would be considered fishing. My dad and Jason put out jug lines and then checked them about twice a day. However, they did catch the biggest fish they have ever caught 55lbs!! It was bigger than our dogs! It completely filled the bathtub they keep fish in outside. Crazy!

My family doesn't do turkey (weirdos) so we had a pork roast. Very good Mom! More than half the family was reading part of the Twilight series at some point during the week. Good thing we had 3 copies :) Allison charmed us all and had a great time crawling around, riding in her stroller, and just being adorable. Jason had a blast riding the new 4 wheeler and Jonathan and Alyssa took turns driving the mule around.

This was how she woke up from one of her naps at the cabin, arm out of the shirt through the neck

Her teeth were really bothering her one day so we gave her a popsicle to chew on, it was still closed of course but she loved it!

We came back home Saturday night. Sunday was busy spent doing laundry, cleaning, and buying a 9 foot Christmas tree. Yes that's right, 9 feet!! Here's how that went down.....We went to Garden Ridge b/c we have finally given in to the pressure and decided to buy a fake tree. Well the one we wanted was sold out and it turns out that half the stock of trees was sold out as well. Jason isn't much of a Christmas person if you know him. Yes he hangs Christmas lights but when it comes to our house he only lets me listen to Christmas music AFTER Thanksgiving and he isn't a big fan of decorating. So with that being said when the man says, "If we are going to do this let's do it big." I was a little taken aback. Mind you the tree looked perfectly reasonable on the floor at Garden Ridge. (I know what you are thinking, they have 20 ft ceilings and the place is huge. Yes I know, but I was so shocked he wasn't throwing a fit I didn't think about this) So we get this seemingly reasonable tree home and it takes up the entire living room!!! Jason has to stand on the coffee table just to put the top piece of the tree on! (his statement at the store was, "I have an 18 ft. ladder") So we squished it into the corner and it sorta fits. Lucy had a conniption when she saw it (our dog) she is scared of wrapping paper tubes so imagine her anxiety at a 9 foot tree in the middle of the living room! She knocked me over trying to get away from it. Stupid dog. (thankfully I wasn't holding the baby and the wood floor caught my fall.)

My parents also gave us some of our Chrismas so we could use them. We got a Flip. It's a little video camera that plugs right into the computer. It's pretty awesome. We got a great video of Allison laughing at peek-a-boo (her new favorite game) and once I read the instructions I'll upload it :)

The tree in action

I'm a member

It's official, I have earned my mom patch. Yesterday was quite an interesting day! It started on Saturday night when Allison's head hit my lip and gave me a nice blood blister that resembled a black mole on my lip. Then Sunday morning she got poop in her hair as Jason was changing her so he had to wash her head off. Later that morning is when it got interesting. She spit up, yep that's right, IN MY MOUTH! GROSS!!! I ran to the sink to rinse out my mouth. YUCK!! But the day wasn't over yet people! As I was changing her for bed I let her dance naked on the changing table (her absolute favorite, the only thing better is in front of the mirror) anyway, she was dancing, then she looked down at herself and peed. Standing up. That was new. Then she stubbed her toe on the dresser so I hugged her and she peed again! It was a fun filled day!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Slow down!!

Is there a pause button on life? I am so looking forward to the holidays when I can be at home with my little peanut. She is growing up so fast!

Here she is "talking"

And here is her latest progress on crawling. In about 3 days she figured it out and now she is a mad women! My mom had to put up blockades all over the place today to keep her from getting into things. How does it all change so fast??

and today....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

She's growing up so fast!!!

Bets are now being accepted for when Allison is going to walk!! She figured out how to move her hands with her legs. She was actually crawling yesterday at my Mom's, this video doesn't really show it, but I'll get it and post it soon!

5 Months!

Here, she is, 5 months old already! She is sitting up so much better than in her other month pictures! We had to lean the chair back or prop her up with the stuffed animals. Now she can sit on her own.
Her Uncle Benjamin made her a hat

Here she is in one of her favorite toys as of late. She loves to jump! And her baby legs are just too cute.She is such a happy baby

She now likes to hold her own bottle
The gang, notice Allison pulling Alyssa's hair. Alyssa is the first person with long hair that Allison is around. She thought Jason was pulling it.

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