Thursday, June 23, 2011

A short update...

We got the results back from Caleb's blood work and it all looked good except he has a bacterial infection.  We are not sure how long he has had it, so it is possible that's why he has been getting sick.  We won't know for a few weeks.  In the meantime the Dr. wants me to keep a food journal to keep track of what he is eating, which I think is a great idea, but I'm believing we won't need it :)

Caleb's first opthamologist appointment is next Wednesday morning, we would love your prayers and I will let you know how that turns out.  I'm ready to get these balls rolling, I think :)

We also have an official appointment at Scottish Rite! I received the acceptance letter in the mail and the appointment is set for Tuesday August 9th at 8am.  I wish it was sooner, but from what I hear once you get in things move pretty quickly. We think Caleb is ready to walk he just doesn't have the proper support.  He wants so bad to keep up with his big sisters!

Thank you for all the love and supportive comments, and of course the prayers.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Caleb's Chiropractor, Pediatrician, and ER visit

Well this week we saw our Chiropractor and our Pediatrician.  Dr. Jim Bob (the best Chiropractor ever!) said he thinks Scottish Rite is the way to go for Caleb's feet.  He doesn't think the hips will need to be repaired, he things the feet are effecting the hips and once the feet are "fixed" then the hips can be adjusted into place.  So hopefully the Doctors at Scottish Rite will find the same thing.

However our appointment with our Pediatrician was not so uplifting.  Our actual pediatrician has not seen Caleb before.  We took Allison in every couple of months for well child visits starting at 7 months until 2 years.  We did a "delayed vaccine schedule" with her.  At 2 years she was "caught" up except for 1 or 2 vaccines.  So we brought Caleb in at 6 months for his first well child visit.  Well because of the way Doctor's offices work he saw the Physician's Assistant at that appointment.  When I quit teaching we had to get different insurance and we weren't sure exactly how they covered well child visits.  Turns out the only thing they cover is the actual vaccine itself.  So with our current budget we didn't have the money to take Caleb in every 2 months.  In March Caleb and  Allison caught a nasty stomach bug and I ended up taking Caleb in because he didn't seem to be getting better.  (Of course on the day we took him in he miraculously recovered) Anyway, since March every few weeks he gets sick again.  He can only keep down Pedialyte and maybe bananas and dry cereal. It can last from 1-3 days.

This problem has gotten a little sidelined as we look to have his feet and eyes checked out.  But it has been nagging at me especially as it continues to come up again.  He started throwing up again on Thursday evening...(our appt was Friday afternoon) While we were at the appointment on Friday he started dry heaving (he has never done that) and was very upset and fussy.  In the past even when he was "sick" he was still his happy little self.  Anyway, the pediatrician was not very calming nor consoling when she talked to us.  She basically lectured us for not bringing him in, told us he could go blind, she was VERY concerned that he was so small and if we had brought him in "like we were supposed to" she could have sped up the process to get him into an eye doctor.  I tried to explain to her why we hadn't been in since his 6 month and of course I got pretty emotional.  I tried to do what was best for my children and I didn't need her lecturing me about how I had "failed." I saw the issues and did what I knew to do. Anyway, she ended up saying that she wanted to take some blood and test for all sorts of things.  Thyroid, kidneys, I don't remember what else but that is where she wanted to start.  With everything going on I didn't think to ask about something for him throwing up.

We went to a different Lab to have his blood drawn and we picked up some Pedialyte on the way.  Well he ended up throwing that up too and dry heaving again.  He was very lethargic and sleepy as well.  Again, he has never been like that before.  (I thought he was just tired at the Dr. because he was missing his nap) so at this point we tried to get a hold of the dr to get a prescription.  Well they had closed 4 minutes earlier and a different doctor was on call.  They don't prescribe medication after hours and his recommendation was to go to the ER.  grrrrr. But at this point he was acting so out of the ordinary we did.  We checked into the Medical Center at Lewisville ER. I was hoping they wouldn't have to take blood since he just had that done (they had to stick him 3 times to get it right, ARGH!) They ended up giving him some anti-nausea medication and some Tylenol   (his temp was 100.8) After about 15 min. they let us give him some Pedialyte and he was able to keep it down, yea! His temp also went down and he was acting much more like himself.  So they gave us a prescription and let us go. All in all I was pretty satisfied with how the whole thing went. (granted I haven't seen the bill yet, ugh) I didn't know how it would all play out otherwise I would have gotten something from the Doctor when we were there! Live and learn.  So we spent a little over 5 hours in doctors offices, labs, and the ER.  But he was feeling much better and that is what mattered.

So now we are supposed to find out the results from the blood test on Monday and the Pediatrician is going to call Scottish Rite and another eye dr. as well to see if he has any openings sooner than our current appointment.  Part of me hopes that they find something in the blood tests, then at least we can move forward.  But of course I don't want anything to be "wrong" with my little bubba.  However, something is wrong, and I want it to be "fixed." One other thing is that the ER and another source recommended seeing a Pediatric gastroenterologist for the throwing up.  We will see if the blood gives us any answers, and if not then it looks as though we might be making another appointment.  

God please heal my little boy.

I wish it was this easy............

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prayers for Caleb

Just thought I would write a post about my baby and ask you for your prayers.  When Caleb was born we noticed he has very flexible hips.  When we would sit him somewhere his feet would lay completely flat. [See pictures at left ] We just figured he was our little noodle boy, and loose at the joints.

 Since Caleb starting crusing (right after he started crawling, at around 9 months) his feet have also rotated so he is almost walking on his ankles.  We just watched for a few months to see what would happen.  Kids foot bones are still being developed for the first few years of their lives so we made sure to keep him in flexible soled shoes or barefoot.  Over the last month I have been thinking about taking him to see a podiatrist.  So I called on Monday and made an appointment. 

They had an opening for Wednesday morning so we went in.  The Dr. looked at his feet and hips for about 5 minutes and she knew right away that he needed more help than she could give him. She said she thinks his hips play a part but that his left foot had "club like" qualities. [I have looked around and found a more acurate picture, Talipes Valgus, and his is a little more severe than in the picture]  When he was born it wasn't like that which is another reason she thinks the hips play a part.  So she is in the process of referring us to Scottish Rite Hospital here in Dallas.  We were a little shocked because I was just thinking he might need special shoes or at the most braces.  We are supposed to hear something by Friday about who to contact to set up an evaluation there.

So, we are still trying to wrap our brains around what all this means and how comfortable we are with it all.  We are not quick to rush to the Dr. for just any reason (except our Chiropractor, love them and trust them, I'll go to them at the drop of a hat!) But we "wait and see" for most everything.  So the possibility of him needing surgery was NOT the direction I was thinking.  We are praying for peace and direction.  I don't know how long the normal referral process is for Scottish Rite, but if that is what we are supposed to do I'm praying for a super expedited timeline, and if it isn't, then things will get clogged in the works as we look at other possibilities.  (we are going to see Dr. Jim Bob,our chiropractor, see link above) next week to get his opinion of the situation.  We would so appreciate any prayers for us as we navigate these uncharted (for us) waters. 

And since we are on the subject of Caleb and Dr's and prayer there is another issue that we are getting checked out next month.  Since about 9 months one of Caleb's eyes occasionally turns in.  Usually when he is tired, concentrating, or watching things come into his mouth.  At first I just watched it but after a few months it would seem to get stuck and he couldn't fix it.  It still only happens when he is tired or watching things come into his mouth, but after researching on the internet (good old Google!) my "Professional" opinion is he has what's called Strabismus.  The muscles in his one eye lose their ability to control the eye, which in his case make his other eye turn in slightly as he tries to focus.  

At first we tried to get him to focus on something farther away and he seemed to correct it.  Now if we cover the good eye he seems to be able to correct the "bad" one.  So again, from what I have read and heard from a few people is that he might only need an eye patch for a while.  (you'd better believe I'm going to pirate out everything he owns!) However, after my incorrect diagnosis of Caleb's feet I am trying to just wait and see what the Dr. says.  Our appt. is on July 7th (it was a 6 week wait to get in!) 

This is the first time we have dealt with any real medical "problems." We truly believe that God is still a healer and nothing is impossible for Him.  Again, if that is the path he has for us we have faith and will walk in that.  Will you believe and pray for the same? What an amazing testimony it would be.  And if he chooses to use Dr.'s to fix these issues we will believe for complete healing for Caleb as well.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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