Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Caleb 6 weeks and Allison 2 years

Growing like a weed!

The kids playing together :)
What the church sent when Caleb was born

Caleb will be 10 weeks old this week and Allison is growing every day! She learns new words and is forming sentences. She makes me laugh all the time. Today she sang "Jesus Loves Me" all day, but the only line she actually knows is, "Fo Bible" (for the Bible tells me so) She is such a hoot! Here are a few pictures of my little weeds.

Jason getting a turn to feed Caleb

She loves her brother, I usually have to ask her to stop kissing on him!
We went to the cabin for the 4th and Allison didn't hate the sand! That's a first for her.
Here she is in her Donkey pool. Back story-she went to Tennessee with Jason's parents and there was a donkey next door to where they stayed. She talked about it and how loud it was. When we were at Wal mart she got to choose which float she wanted and out of the hippo, penguin, and donkey she smiled and picked the donkey. On the front of the package was someone playing in the pool so she knew that's what it was for. So she called it Donkey Pool. She asked to play in it for days and finally here at the lake she got to!

I've taken up bread baking, it's so easy and super yummy!!

We have a two year old!!

Allison's birthday was exactly a month after Caleb was born. We had family over to the house, grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and had a great time. Allison didn't know what a party was, but she sure had fun!

Blowing bubbles in her birthday outfit
Cute Shoes
She loves balloons!

Opening presents
Her favorite present, a Bike!!

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