Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Family

Allison got to meet another Great Grandmother last weekend. My Grandma and Aunt came down to meet our little princess and they also got to see Jonathan march. Aunt Joanne got to stay at our house which was nice, and Grandma stayed right down the street with my parents. Allison performed all her tricks for them and we are so glad they got to come see us! We will be staying in the South for Christmas this year (something we haven't done since we have been married) so it was nice to see them.

In other news the Coppell Band is going to state!! YEA!!! Yesterday was the Area marching contest and all though we couldn't go, Dad kept us informed of everything that was going on. They performed at 3:15 the first time, and they qualified for finals that night. (I think there were about 17 bands in the first round and they took 6 for the second round that night) Coppell was the last band to perform that night (9:15pm) and 3 bands qualified to go to state. Coppell got 1st place!!! The state marching contest will be in San Antonio this year, so they will miss a few days of school (Nov 4th is the actual contest) I remember traveling to Austin my freshman year for state and I think my Junior year it was in Waco. Fun times! It's exciting to see Jonathan getting to experience all the things Benjamin and I got to do. He sure is growing up!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On the Move

Well she is officially creeping. Sometimes it is more creeping/crawling. But she is for sure on the move!!

She's eating "real" Food!!

Ok, so not really this solid yet! :) We were at Wing Stop and she needed something to entertain her. So she nawed on a carrot stick. Pretty stikin cute!!

Ok, this was the real first time she ate "food." We gave her cereal first. She loved it! She never even spit it out. By the end of that first feeding she was opening her mouth for the next bite.

Then we started her on Sweet Potatos. It was a little messier, but she's an eating machine!

Who me?

Deep in the Heart Of Texas

Jason's Grandparents (his Mom's side) live in San Angelo. So we took a trip to see them a few weekends ago. Allison falls asleep really well in the car, so we were interested to see how the 5 hour trip went. Hmmm, not that great. She fell asleep fine, but only slept 30 minutes at a time. So She took 2 thirty min. naps during the entire trip. It was nice to get away for the weekend. The trip back was about the same, although I drove much more on the way home. Here are some pics.

Allison and Great Grandmama

Grandmama feeding Allison

Grandmama and Ted with the baby

Proof that Jason did the dishes. Acutally since we have been back Jason has done the dishes almost every night! Incredible!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

4 months

Our little girl is developing a little personality! She responds to us and it is so cute to watch. When I pick her up in the afternoon she smiles and smiles, and she does the same when Jason gets home. She loves to watch the dogs run around and likes watching TV too. (Baby Einstein is her favorite) We thought we had lost her favorite dolly but found we had left it at a friends and she was so glad to have it back!

Last weekend I got to go to Canton and do some hardcore shopping. It was a blast. I got a little something for me, the baby, the dogs, and decorations for the house. This weekend we are traveling to San Angelo to see Jason's grandparents. I am looking forward to a slow weekend in the country! I have off of school on Monday too which means I get to spend the day with my baby!!

Speaking of, Jason got to spend all day with the baby this last Monday b/c it rained and he didn't have to work. They came up to school and had lunch with me. It was a lot of fun! And my close friend just had her baby a week ago so it will be fun when our babies can play together. My mom is actually going to watch her baby in between Thanksgiving and Christmas so she doesn't have to pay for daycare for the weeks we aren't in school. I don't think he will be old enough yet, but it will be a good start for them :) Here are some current shots, as well as Allison's 4 month picture. I love some of the diapers I have gotten, so I figured we could just take some pics. in those!!

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