Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cute bits of scrumptiousness

Her new baby doll. Sometimes she thinks the bottle is for herself, but occasionally she does share with the doll. (that is until the bottle had an unfortunate run in with our 4 legged children and no longer exists. sigh)

Sisters just waking up one Sunday morning. Look at that hair!!

She loves to put things in her car. But sometimes they don't fit so well. Her head has to stick out through the hole in the front to fit!

She got a little carried away coloring

Her Silly Hat that she wears quite frequently. (a Barney song) The funniest part is that she can see through it so she walks around with it over her head like this.

And here she is eating like a grown up :)


Just wanted to let you all know that I was getting bored and didn't think I had enough to do so I signed up to sell Tupperware. (ok this is definitely not the reason, I just love their products!!) So if you are interested in the good deals they have or just want to browse the catalog let me know! The picture above is a link to my website or just send me an email and I will include you on the monthly specials I send out.

I have a bunch of cute pictures to upload, there just seems to be 100 other things that demand my attention when I get home. (including the little one that all those pictures are of!)

The Pregnancy is going well, I told all my students a few days ago and a few of the girls said they had noticed my growing waistline! :) We are going to use the same Midwife that we used last time, but this time we are going to have the baby at home. All those car rides during labor was for the birds!! We are going to find out what we are having around Thanksgiving. I would love for Allison to have a sister close to her age (I never had one at all!) but a little boy would be a dream come true for Jason. Someone to follow him around and fix things with, I can see it now!

We hope to go to the Texas State Fair this weekend so we will have lots of cute pictures to show from that too. I think Allison will love all the animals and the food too. I have some pictures of her eating like a big girl, it cracks me up.

Ok, pictures to come!!

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