Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is it August already??!!

Where does the time go? My my. Well I start school next week (kids don't come for another week) and I can't hardly believe summer is comming to a close. It has been a rather relaxing summer for the most part, just Allison and I hanging out, running our errands and playing with toys. We got to eat lunch with daddy most everyday and Allison thinks "DA" is home everytime she hears a noise out front.

We have switched to 1 nap that doesn't last long enough most days, but I will take what I can get. Some mornings I can drag myself out of bed early enough to be ready by the time she wakes up, but many times a shower and some reading is all I can get done before she gets up.

She is still quite a ham. Any store we go to she waves at everyone as we are leaving and blows them kisses, and recently she has started reaching out to complete strangers wanting them to hold her! She has an old purse of mine that she loves to carry all over the house and sometimes when we go out. Anything that has handles immediately becomes a purse as well. She loves to have her hair fixed but usually pulls it out in the car or within a few hours. (even though she still loves to twirl it while sucking those middle two fingers)

She loves going to church, the bath, shallow water, (still not a huge fan of deep pools but if she can walk in and out she is in heaven) dogs, purses, talking, and sucking her fingers. She is our little angel and I am having so much fun watching her grow up!

Jason's parents finally moved back to Texas at the end of July and we are so glad to have them close. (although Granbury is still too far in our opinion :) ) But it's for sure closer than Chicago! Alyssa turned 19, I mean 13 at the end of July also. She only has 1 more year of middle school left, how is that possible??

In other news we found a house we like and are hopefully going to "start the process" this week. It's all a little daunting but we are trusting God and trying to let him lead. I'll keep you posted.

Her new hair-do. I think she looks like Red from Fraggle Rock.

Her classic sucking the fingers twirling the hair pose

We start em young!
ok just kidding, there wasn't anything left in the cup, I was just trying to get her to hold still so I could get her picture, so cute! (although the flowers in front of the ponytails were an easy way for her to pull the whole thing out!)

Allison helping Pa Paw

No it's not a laptop case, it's a purse!

Allison helping sissy with her birthday present

Alyssa with her b-day present from MaMaw and PaPaw

Allison in her special chair

Coloring with daddy and going off the paper

A guest who overstayed his welcome, Jason ran over his friend 2 nights later

We are very independent now and like to feed ourselves :)

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