Thursday, November 13, 2008

Slow down!!

Is there a pause button on life? I am so looking forward to the holidays when I can be at home with my little peanut. She is growing up so fast!

Here she is "talking"

And here is her latest progress on crawling. In about 3 days she figured it out and now she is a mad women! My mom had to put up blockades all over the place today to keep her from getting into things. How does it all change so fast??

and today....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

She's growing up so fast!!!

Bets are now being accepted for when Allison is going to walk!! She figured out how to move her hands with her legs. She was actually crawling yesterday at my Mom's, this video doesn't really show it, but I'll get it and post it soon!

5 Months!

Here, she is, 5 months old already! She is sitting up so much better than in her other month pictures! We had to lean the chair back or prop her up with the stuffed animals. Now she can sit on her own.
Her Uncle Benjamin made her a hat

Here she is in one of her favorite toys as of late. She loves to jump! And her baby legs are just too cute.She is such a happy baby

She now likes to hold her own bottle
The gang, notice Allison pulling Alyssa's hair. Alyssa is the first person with long hair that Allison is around. She thought Jason was pulling it.

Fun Tidbits

Allison loves to sit on her Dad's shoulders. Her favorite thing to do is feel his hair, it is short and it is so cute!!! She's just chillin watching her some Baby Einstein

Some Grief Guidance

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