Monday, August 18, 2008


This week has been eventful in little Allison's life! First on Saturday night we dedicated her at church. She was such a cutie! Here's some pics and a short clip of the big event.

Then that night she slept all the way through the night. I don't mean 5 or 6 hours, it was 11 hours!!!! The angel has always been a wonderful sleeper, but holy cow! I thought she was going to wake up after 9 hours, she was making noises and rolled to her side. But when I got in her room she had rolled back to her stomach and was quite. I went to take care of some personal matters and she continued to stay asleep. So I layed back down and 2 hours later she woke up for real! I had joked when Jason was putting her to bed and told her, "You don't have to wake up tonight if you don't want to!" Apparently she understood every word! :)

If that wasn't enough on Sunday night (the night before I went back to work) She slept for 9 hours! I'm not counting on this becoming a permanent thing, but I'll take whatever I can get!

Speaking of going back to work, that was today. She did sleep for 9 hours but she woke up right in the middle of me trying to get ready. This morning I had to pump , take a shower, and pack her bags for the day, so I wasn't expecting that little interruption. I was a little rushed but I finally made it. It was a great feeling driving up to my mom's to pick up my little girl.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vacation's over, back to work!

Before I have to go back to work Jason took a few vacation days and we went up to the lake and just relaxed. We were there almost 5 days and got a chance to unwind a little. Although to tell you the truth it felt like I was just getting unwound and it was time to leave. But we had a good time. Here we are in our usual mode of travel to the beach. She almost always falls asleep before we even get there! Little one has been talking to her toys, to people, to the air, just whatever! She has also found that her fingers are great for sucking. She has even begun sucking the same 2 middle fingers that I used to when I was little.

Tonight we went and watched Jonathan during band practice. On the way Jason was in the back with Allison and he had her lion (which she loves dearly) pulled down and she was reaching out and grabbing the legs. On purpose! She did it over and over, I was impressed!

I start work full time on Monday, but I am going in today (Thurs) and tomorrow to get my classroom set up. She did great at Grammy's house, she even took a 4 hour nap!! She has never done that at home!!

Here she is on her 2 month b-day. I'm going to take a picture every month in the same pose
Here are some pictures from her 6 week pictures. Sorry for the glare

And last here is a picture of me on the right and Allison on the left. I have a few others of me as a baby in a book that I show people and everyone thinks they are pictures of Allison!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rolly Polly

Yep, that's right, Allison has mastered the skill of rolling over! Unfortunately it's usually while she is supposed to be going back to sleep and if she manages to get completely turned to her back (the side of the crib usually gets in her way) there is no way she is getting back to sleep without some help.
She first did it over a week ago but I thought it was a fluke. However one day this week she did it 3 times! Sometimes she just gets on her side and she has even managed to flip back down on her stomach. It's pretty funny to watch, and eventually she might even get used to sleeping on her back and be able to get back to sleep.

Something else that I'm really cautious to even say is, as crazy as this sounds, Allison might be teething. I know I know, she is only 2 months old, and I would be totally ok if I am wrong here, but here are the facts. 1st, her drool production started going up over a week ago. All of a sudden, wham, we have spit! Then she has been shoving both of her fists into her mouth, as big as her mouth is they don't seem to fit too well. Her sleeping patterns have also changed. She was an angel baby waking up only once in the night to feed, but it's like she totally forgot the schedule that we had agreed upon and is now up at all different crazy times. Lastly, this afternoon we all went to the mall. The precious finally figured out that fingers fit better than fists so she was sucking on 2 or 3 fingers. I'm not kidding when I say this, she had spit running down her arm. I mean, it was like a river! (a small one maybe, but a river none the less!) She hasn't been much fussier than normal, no fever or diarrhea, but man, all the other signs are pointing that way! Does she have to be ahead of the game in EVERY area? :) Her favorite chew toys

Who Me??

What is this thing??!! Oh, maybe I should see if I can get it in my mouth!

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