Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

(scroll down to see aforementioned picture)So how about once a month? It's summer and I know I'm supposed to be "off" with nothing to do so my blog should be updated 3 times a week right? Something like that! Allison is quite the needy one right now in our family, she now has 3 molars, one more bottom tooth in the front and is still working on the last molar to complete the "set."

Jason went on his Quest at the end of June and it radically changed all of our lives. I registered for a Heart Quest (the first one available is in November and now they are filled up through the end of this year for Heart Quests) Anyway, absolutely completely radically transformed Jason and subsequently me and our family. God has shown us his love and mercy like never before and we will never be the same! I am expecting great things for my Quest and I am excited about God's timing for it all.

I officially only have 4 weeks of summer left, boo! We are trusting God with my "work future" but are hoping that this will be my last year of full time teaching. We are praying about continuing to expand our family (both in number and house) and I would like to be home more if and when that does happen.

As I mentioned above we are now looking to purchase our first home! We are currently renting a house a block from my parents and while we love the location the house itself leaves a bit to be desired. So we are currently about half a step away from getting our finances approved and have begun looking for the future Jacobs' residence. The first day we looked solely in Coppell at 6 houses. We were sorely disappointed and decided maybe Coppell would not be where we would purchase our first home. We prayed and felt a lot of peace about looking a little north in Lewisville, or possibly Grapevine. We did try and look at a few houses during the next week, but everything went wrong! Seriously. I have the realtor 7 addresses to look at, 4 of them went under contract the previous day, 1 of them she couldn't get ahold of, and the 3 that we did see....... 1. People had gotten the call during dinner but didn't pay attention to it so they were very surprised and the house was strange. 2. We got there and the people said they are going to go with the contingency contract. Weird. So we didn't see that one. 3. Everything started normal enough, but then when we got to the master bedroom the door was locked. Weird, but we continued. They upstairs we heard something coming from a room. That room was locked also and there was someone in there watching a movie. (the sound got louder as we tried to open the door) Hello people??!!! Do you want to sell your house or not??? (we didn't like the house anyway)

So at that point we surrendered to God and said, Ok not yet. Our Realtor is going out of town this week so we told her we would just look again when she came back. We both have peace about this but are still very excited to see just what God has waiting for us!

Ok, now the part you probably just scrolled to anyway :)
Below is said picture. See anything wrong?
Apparently Miss Allison decided she did not like the restrictions of her diaper while napping the other day and I was quite surprised to look up and see a full moon staring back at me! Needless to say she now wears shorts to nap in too!
Being a ham. I was trying to get a picture of her new little "pebbles" ponytail on top of her head. She loves to twirl it while sucking her middle two fingers. (pictures to come)

Daddy got her a new balloon, her pride and joy!

Daddy bought me some beautiful flowers!
My new do

Ok before they were a stretch but now they are real pigtails!

And here are 2 videos for your viewing pleasure

Coming soon: Allison showing you her body parts and immitating different animals.

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