Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yes I'm Still Pregnant

Sometimes you have to experience things before you realize that something that is common place is really quite annoying! Like when you see someone you know whose is pregnant and you know thier due date has passed and they are obviously still pregnant, don't ask, "You haven't had that baby yet?" Uh duh! I still have a watermelon in my stomach, no I haven't had the baby yet! Or, "Have you felt anything?" You mean besides the terrible heartburn, constant needing to pee, baby kicking non-stop, insomnia, and constant braxton hicks? No I haven't felt anything. I get to blame all this on hormones later right?

On to more exciting news, heck, who am I kidding, the arrival of our child is the most exciting thing going right now, but it seems to be at a stand still!

However, we did get totally blessed this last weekend with a leather couch, loveseat, chair, and ottoman! They are used, but they were free and they are so much more than we could have asked for!! I had finally given in to the fact that our crappy couch that was a dog hair magnent was just going to have to do for a while longer. I had washed all the cusions, sewed up all the holes (stupid dogs) and resigned myself to the fact that anyone that sat down was going to stand up and need the sticky roller. I had also realized that 2 was the maximum number of people we could have over to our house unless they wanted to sit on the floor! grr.

So, I guess I became content with what I had and God was able to bless me with more! It's incredible! At Christmas time my cousin gave us a kitchen table that matches perfectly with our chairs, and now this! I look around and I truly love how our house is shaping up, especially since it was free!! Wow.

Here are pictures of Allison's Room, if she ever decides to come!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well it's officially 3 days until my due date and I'm still here, pregnant. Everyone I know that has been pregnant this spring has given birth early, including a good friend of mine who isn't due for 3 more weeks who went into labor today! Sigh. I guess it would still be considered early even if it was 1 day before right? Here's to hoping!

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