Saturday, September 10, 2011


(not that I have ever even watched an episode of southpark but I thought this was funny!)

My experience as of late (like the last year or so) is in trying new things it's so easy to get overwhelmed.  The two big things that have tackled me are trying to be more "crunchy"  (aka green) and Food Storage/gardening/composting/rain barrels/diversifying investments/getting ready for "what if."  A few months ago I posted HERE that I had to give up cloth diapering Caleb and what a pride issue I had connected with it all.  Well I am happy to report that Caleb has been back in cloth diapers for a while now (except at night, the wet on his skin for so long was the issue and I figured 1 sposie a day was a good compromise) and I've tried to stay very humble about it all. :)

But back to the overwhelmed issue.  I have found that when trying to research and read and do what I think/can afford that is best for my family, it's so easy to get lost in the millions of things people say you HAVE to do.  For me, midwives and birth center/home births have always been normal.  My mom had both myself and my brother at a birth center with a midwife.  So that wasn't a crazy jump for us.  (but little did I know the whole world that would throw us in to!!) Next was cloth diapers.  Again, my mom did it and knowing that you don't have to use pins anymore I was willing to give it a whirl.  So when I was pregnant with Allison I started looking into all the different kinds of cloth diapers that are out there now days.  HOLY COW!! I very quickly became buried in a sea of information and quickly gave up.  I didn't touch the idea for a few months but after a few conversations with some friends decided to gently broach the subject again.  I tried to take it in more manageable chunks and did finally make some decisions and cloth diapered Allison all the way until potty training.

Over the past 3 years I have tried to educate myself and make small changes for our family.  A few things; trying to convert our cleaning products to things with less chemicals, trying to line dry my diapers when it is nice out, giving the kids vitamins on a regular basis, better baby carriers, digestive enzymes vs. antacids, amber teething necklaces, vaccines-or the lack of them, discovering the amazing Eden Salve, and Colloidal silver (I wrote more about that HERE).  But a little over a month ago I wanted to try this "no-poo" thing I heard about and I also wanted to switch to a deodorant that wouldn't give me cancer. (and if you don't believe in that theory I was going for more natural too) So HERE was my initial trial reasons and information.  I gave the no-poo method a month but after that I was done.  I even tried a scrub to get the extra oil out but it still wasn't anywhere near what I liked to touch and fix on a regular basis so I went back.  One of my initial reasons for even trying it was there was no cost to start, and no risk involved.  If I didn't like it I could go back at any time.  So I did!  Currently I only wash my hair about twice a week.  It really could probably go even a little longer, but I'm ok with twice.  I like the way it feels, and yes even smells.  I haven't jumped on the "Make your own shampoo and conditioner kick" yet, but maybe in the future.

I'm still using the homemade deodorant but it did give Jason a rash so he had to go back. :(  So my original statement was about being overwhelmed.  Sometimes it is hard deciding where to start, or deciding to only take one small baby step and not "bite off more than you can chew."  There are so many things out there to change/try that it can be very intimidating!! So little by little I try new things and try to remember that I'm not signing my life away each time I make a change.  If it doesn't work for us, I can go back.  (which doesn't happen often but giving myself permission to go back is huge!) So if you want to start a garden, start one! It may be small and you might not do it again next year, but give it a whirl! (that's what we did, I did a little research and we just did it.  I looked at it like a science experiment and it was a blast! We are even going to plant a fall garden!)

So what's one natural thing you have been wanting to try? I'd love to hear from any of you that might stumble upon this humble (sometimes) ole blog of mine.  Community is such a powerful and necessary thing and can be a valuable tool!  My next venture is worm bin composting!! I'm so excited and I'll share more as we get into it!  (HERE is a link if you just can't wait!)


Oh, and if any of you are curious about my comment; Food Storage/gardening/composting/rain barrels/diversifying investments/getting ready for "what if."  I'll deal with that in another upcoming post :)

Caleb update- they actually found something!!

Ok, so Caleb had his neurology appointment almost 2 weeks ago.  The doctors couldn't tell from the examination what he has so they took blood.  Well Hallelujah something finally showed up in the blood work!! (this is his third time to have blood taken and everything has come back negative so far) Anywho, so the nurse called me this week to tell me the results.  (by the way I'm pretty sure God has us on the fast track because EVERYTHING has been quicker than they told us.  The blood was supposed to take 3-5 weeks to come back, they had to send it out, but it was 1 1/2 weeks! The same for us getting in to Scottish Rite, getting Physical Therapy set up, and getting into Neurology as well) She said his pyruvic and lactic acid levels were high in his blood.  Everything else came back normal, muscle enzymes, liver enzymes, and I think the Chromosome panel too. She couldn't tell me what that meant (the 2 that were high) but did say the Doctor wants an MRI and more blood work.  So in two weeks we go back in and they are going to do an MRI, more blood work, and a urine sample all while Caleb is under sedation.  Of course I'm not thrilled about the sedation, but I do like that he won't know they are sticking ANOTHER needle in him.  Poor guy has had enough needles stuck in him to make up for the lack of vaccines!! (haha)

From what I can find out the high levels are pointing to a Metabolic Disease/disorder of some sort.  When the Doctor came in and was talking about the possibilites at our last visit he would mention something and I would say, "Oh yes" or something approving.  He would ask if I had heard of that, or knew of a test he was talking about and I didn't know any specifics, but it was just ringing true with what we think is going on.  We have thought all along that it wasn't just a bunch of separate issues, but they are all connected in some way.  From previous doctors, and the therapist his fat reserves are good it's his low muscle tone that is preventing him from doing the "normal" things for his age.  (the eye issues, the foot issues, not being able to sit up straight, becoming fatigued and laying down)

So that's the first thing we have coming up (Sept. 28th), and then we got confirmation for an appointment on October 12th where they are going to do some nerve conductivity tests.  He has to be put out again for this test, sigh, but this one shouldn't last as long.  I'm not sure it's possible they might not do this test if the MRI comes up with something.  At this point I'm grateful that they have a clue which road to go down.  (the neurologist said at some point we may end up at a muscle specialist where they would take a muscle biopsy, but I think with what they found from his blood that may not be the case anymore, time will tell)

Keep the prayers coming.  Oh, and my due date is less than a week away! AGH! Jason asked how I'm going to make it to the appt. on the 28th (especially if this baby comes after the projected arrival) and I said, Um it's Scottish Rite, they have wheelchairs!! :)  And the baby will give me something to do while my precious Bubba is in the procedure.  I'll let you know how it all goes!


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