Friday, March 2, 2012

A Thankful Post

Lately I feel like I only post when I need to vent or when something major is going on, so I thought I'd better post when things are going well too. :)  My last post we were starting to look at wheelchairs and were starting to think about the church nursery and Caleb moving classes.  Well that very next week Caleb went into his regular class like normal.  When I went to pick him up the lady that was holding him came out and said she wanted to introduce herself, she is the Special Needs Coordinator for the nursery!!! Say what?!!  How did we not know there was even a special needs department?! (At first I was a little upset we hadn't been told this, but more than that I am so thankful that our church DOES have this and we are finding out about it) So we talked about Caleb and what his capabilities are.  She told me that there are 15 people that work with just the special needs kids and can help them mainstream into the regular classroom or can take them out to a special room if they need it.  I was totally blown away! I was so thankful that the very week that we were starting to try and figure out how to get Caleb into a class with his peers, we find out about a whole program designed to do just that! So thankful! They will help us figure out what Caleb needs and how to get him into the class he needs to be in.

I also talked with our Physical therapist about wheelchairs.  We are going to a special needs fair tomorrow to hopefully get some more information on some different types available.  It is such a big task and we don't really even know where to start with it all.  We want something that will support Caleb but nothing too big and bulky either.  There are so many different kinds of wheelchairs, and I can see the benefits of them all.  A gait trainer so he can walk, a stroller so we can push him and he can have a tray that attaches to it, an electronic one so he can get around on his own.  Or the Cadillac of all wheelchairs I have see so far is HERE. (it's the one on the left)  Holy Cow that would be so stinking cool for Caleb!! Anyway, I'm trying to take it one step at a time and figure out what we actually need.  And so the research begins!

Allison and Jordyn are doing wonderful.  Allison is such a talker and says the craziest things all the time.  She remembers any place we have ever been and can tell you how to get there as well.  You think I'm kidding.  Jordyn is so happy and content where ever she is.  Yesterday she started "talking." Saying dadada, and lalala.  It's so cute! She makes me smile and I'm so happy she is part of our family.  I need to upload some more pictures from my camera and my phone, but since it's close to midnight, it's not going to happen tonight!  Much love to you all.


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