Tuesday, March 31, 2009

10 Months and Scowls

Here is her newest trick. She scowls, and then smiles real big. She is so funny! Here are the little clips that I got for her hair. I have them in all different colors and I love using them! She forgets about them and while I do love a huge bow these are so cute!
Allison has fallen in love with stuffed animals. We have 3 of them that are super soft and she hugs them all the time. She will give them hugs and kisses on demand (no one else, oh wait the dogs get hugs and kisses all the time too!)

She is 10 Months people!! Only 2 months until she is 1, holy cow.

I got her a tiger that she can sit on, she loves it! I also got her a rocking horse that she has fallen in love with too.

She loves flying in the air!

She likes to ride side saddle in her car all the time!

This girl loves Elmo! I don't know what it is, but she loved him from the beginning!

Here is a cute shot of her teeth

Here is another cute one of her teeth

She was just sitting there watching TV with daddy, so cute!

I re-arranged the living room to make room for this jem. She fell in love with it the moment she saw it. She will sit there and play with the mailbox and the door for 15 minutes. (which is an eternity for her, she is such a busy body!!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bruises and Friends

Well it has offically been over a month since I have posted anything, so hopefully the next few posts will give you a glimpse into what's been going on in our lives. We've been very busy and Allison has been learning lots of new tricks. Besides walking, she waves and points at everything. She still makes us laugh when she dances or wiggles her head (I have yet to get a good video of that) side to side. I am on Spring Break this week and she has been teething the whole time. Her top teeth are just about to break through, so we have had a runny nose all week and a fever one day. All in all she has been great, but I'll be glad to have her back to her non teething state.

She got her very first "owie" here. She hit the bedroom door and it hit her back.Reid Womack came over to play. He's a little younger than Allison.
She thought she was big stuff, sitting on P.J. I got 2 pictures, then P.J. got up and walked away.

She also has finally started catching on to the baby sign language. She knows "all done" but we are still working on the other stuff!

Walking for real!

It was a Saturday (I think!) and we hadn't really been pushing Allison to walk. But I had the thought that I would see what she would do. So I stood her up, and off she walked! It was the craziest thing ever!! It was about 2 weeks after the first video I posted but this was insane! She walked all the way across the living room. I freaked out and grabbed the video camera and this was what I got:

Here is some actual walking. Something just clicked and off she went.

The Northerners

We were so fortunate that Andy and Natascha (my cousins) and their little boy Carson thought us normal enough to come visit and stay with us on their vacation. They are from Michigan and wanted to get away from the snow. They couldn't have picked a better week! It was in the 70s and 80s all week! Carson is 13 months and Allison had just really started walking for real the week before they got here. (see post below) So she loved having someone older than her around. They were buddies all week!
First Meeting:
At Bucca di Bepo (Planet Hollywood bought them out and it's not as good anymore, boo!)

We went to the Ft. Worth Zoo:

Allison-Allison "petting" a penguinAllison making her sniffy faceI tried to get them both smiling and this was the closest it got, I have about 15 other shots of them picking at each other, bending over, leaning opposite directions, it was funny trying to find a good one of both of them.Cason making his sniffy face.

Sharing....No pictures, pleaseWatching a video together"You come here often?"The Captain and his SkipperThe Girls and JasonBenjamin, up to his old tricks...I ran across this one and noticed you can see the teeth! I have been trying to get a good one but can't seem to, so this will do!The almost married couple!Chilling at Sonic after the parkA Forced Goodbye hug!We had so much fun watching the kids interact. When one would cry about something the other would fake cry in response. They both did the "sniffy" face the whole week (Allison had forgotten how) and I think Allison might have given Carson a lesson in yelling. (She's really good at it!) I hope we go up north for Christmas and can give these two another chance to hang out, it was such a blast!

9 Months

Ladies and gentleman, Vanna White:
Her brand new car that I got for FREE!! I used the points we earned by using our debit card (money we spend on food, bills, and such) to get this little car. I didn't have to pay shipping or anything. And she loves it! She sometimes sits sideways with her legs hanging out, or she will push it around the room by the door (picture someone who ran out of gas and is having to push their car) and since watching her 2nd cousin (we think that's the right term) Carson she does actually get in it. However, the car apparently only goes in reverse when she is driving. She hasn't figured out the whole moving the legs forward, but she does great at the backward thing, well until she falls underneath the dashboard! What a hoot!

I love this chair so much! She usually doesn't sit in it very long, but it's so great to have!
Sneaky little bugger!

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